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Our Readership

We focus on our content and our readers, so we have a super premium readership.

Top business decision-makers in Romania & abroad

Headquarters of multinationals dealing with Romania and the CEE region

Diplomats and investors from all over the world

Foreign journalists from large international publications

International banks

European institutions



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  • Banner display
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We can create engaging content for you for the campaigns on Romania Insider and for all your communication channels.

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Publish press releases in English on Romania Insider. Control the message and the keywords. Use our SEO domain power.

Jobs & Employer Branding

Showcase your job openings and add  Employer Branding solutions in our Job portal.


Partner with us for a series of leadership events, with C-level speakers and a premium audience.

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Romania Market Reports

Get reliable data on the Romanian market for your business plans. Understand market niches, competition to decide your next steps.

Real Estate Classifieds

Publish real estate classifieds for office, warehouse and residential in major Romanian cities. Check out rental solutions for your business.

Corporate memberships

 Offer your community access to our content, an ad-free browsing experience and 7 premium newsletters for Romanian and foreigner CEOs and middle managers.

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Do you need content in English for your platforms, newsletters, corporate products? You can license some of the content we publish on Romania Insider.

Business Directory

Increase your brand awareness and improve your website’s search ranking. Reach potential clients and boost your website’s traffic. 

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Understand your target local market, check competition, potential acquisition targets, find your next business prospect or partner in Romania with reliable market reports.

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