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Spotlight: Leaders of the Future

How to Strategically Adapt during a Crisis

on TUESDAY, February 9, 2021 - FREE WEBINAR


2020 has meant risk and instability in most areas

How companies react to the uncertainty of the next working day will make them have a competitive advantage or will reduce their revenues.

To overcome these barriers, strategy development and implementation are crucial for any company. By adapting strategically to the new context, companies become more adaptive and impactful.

Join our webinar and learn from experts how they adapted these last months in order to keep up with the challenging times.

This webinar will cover and answer the following questions:

  • How can one company have a strategic planning when change is so rapid and unpredictable?
  • When it’s unclear where one industry ends and another begins, how do we even measure position?
  • How can one company apply forecasting in the new context?
  • Tips and tricks for strategic adaptation during a crisis.

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1st event - October 29, 2020

Leading through COVID- Top Trends in Digital Transformation 

The first event in the series “Spotlight: Leaders of the Future” brought together four business people who shared on October 29 practical hints and detailed local insights: Teo Galea, General Manager at Colt, Marius Hanganu, Managing Partner of Tremend, Mamas A. Koutsoyiannis, Managing Partner of Moore Assurance Advisory, Steve Openshaw, Audit and Assurance Partner-in-Charge with Deloitte Romania, and Colin Lovering, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at BRCC, who moderated the event.

Watch the recording here


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