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An honest story on our funding & what you can expect next

The world needs to know about Romania. It needs reliable information and truthful stories from Romania, and with help from readers, we can make these happen. This autumn, we want to double the number of members who support Romania Insider. Corina Chirileasa, the co-founder of Romania Insider, writes about our plans, shares the results of our membership campaign so far and the “ free content for all” pledge for the coming months.  How will this influence you as a reader of Romania Insider? 

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A Note from Corina Chirileasa, the co-founder

About independent journalism  

It's hard to know what media to trust these days and to keep up with the flood of information.

Imagine a world where you can't tell which information is true and which isn't. What article is paid for by a company or which text is dictated by a politically – biased newspaper owner.

In that world, you are no longer free. 

But together, we can prevent that from happening.

Romania Insider is the living proof that journalism can be done ethically. For the last 10 years, we've been a free, independent media voice dedicated to Romania

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